Thursday, 14 June 2012

Blog up and running!

So I've been thinking for a while about actually creating a blog thats not anonymous and never thought of the right time to do it. So here I am, making myself vulnerable to all those who will come across this.
I spent ages tonight deciding on an appropriate title and blog address when it hit me, my aim right now is to become more optimistic and 'look on the bright side' (because I'm usually such a pessimist) so I came up with a challenge for all those who read it, is your cup half empty or half full? And the address is, well, discovering positivity. Currently something thats challenging for me.
I'm not really a great writer but I'm going to try my best with this blog if you bare with me.
Hopefully this blog will encourage and challenge others as well as helping my own realisation and discovery in becoming a more positive and optimistic person!!
So thats the end of my first blog post.
Let the blogging begin!

1 comment:

  1. Such a good idea Sab. I'm deciding to see my cup as half full! Thanks for the inspiration :) Em x