Thursday, 14 February 2013

Life in perspective.

Term 1 of university is well gone and we're halfway through term 2 already!!! - Time really does fly.

January was a very tough month, a week of intense revision and exams as well as some bad news. 
Within the first two weeks of January, life really was put into perspective for me. In those first weeks, 2 people that I knew from a previous Salvation Army my parents had led in Williamstown had battled with cancer and lost. 
One an old lady and the other only a young girl. It showed me that life really is so so precious to all of us - no matter what our age, we don't know where it will take us. It's times like these that always make me quite angry and question - Why do bad things happen to innocent, good people? It really isn't fair, is it?
A lot of things in life aren't fair but it's how we deal with those things.

So, time flies, and life is precious. These together is quite a scary thought and really made me think about the unknown of what is around the corner, not just for me but for people I care about too. Discovering positivity in tough situations whether for you or for someone else.

'live everyday as if it's your last'  and 'Live well, laugh often, love much' are two popular quotes which are easier said than done majority of the time!! 

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