Sunday, 14 September 2014

NOT a holiday!!!

Half full optimism in Africa reduces to Half Empty Pessimism / Back to reality of the UK.

This summer I had the amazing opportunity to spend a month in Zambia!!!
Besides being absolutely awesome it was also very challenging both physically, mentally & emotionally.

My two weeks with Mission Direct - It was soooo lush to return to the same location, be recognised by the school children and see how things had changed & catch up with old friends! I was SO pleased that there were new people, some salvationists, some of the 2012 team and my school best friend!! We had an incredible team of about 20 and all worked really well together & got on so so well!!

One of the things I love about being in Africa is that I instantly feel at home, I'm completely myself and often a very different person to who I am in the UK!
Some of the things we experienced together were a shock to the system, emotional and others just purely life changing and amazing! - It's super difficult to come home and have no one who understands unless they have been there & seen it for themselves, we worked hard, we saw shocking scenes and emotionally connected with people and situations that have changed us but not everyone will want to hear it and try to understand.

After a whole month of being there, coming home has been a very big challenge for me. I'm still struggling to adjust and everyday that goes by I just want to take all my family and friends and go back to Africa!! I could go on and on about it forever but I'll leave you to ask questions about it if you're genuinely interested.

One thing I'm super excited to share with you is that whilst out there I met some families that have really touched my heart and I think about them everyday... Here are a few examples..
                             First of all Innocent, my boy from 2012. Still as sweet as ever!!
                   Innocent's Auntie Dorcus & cousin Abigail (Now my goddaughter!!) Dorcus is 21 years old, we are keeping in touch & I really hope that she can get to do the education she really hopes to achieve!! Love this little family to the moon and back!
               Finally, Emma Maddern, Hannah Watchorn & Myself are now sponsoring these 3 children who have now just started school!!! After visiting and praying for their bed-bound mother and being touched by their story & knowing they were unable to afford school, we were unable to leave them and not do anything about it!! Love our little sponsor Family!

                              Natasha. 10yrs old.
                          Innocent (A different one than I spoke of earlier). 6yrs old.
                         Bianca. 9yrs old.

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