Friday, 28 November 2014

The Role of Running.

And so it is confirmed, I have a charity place with Rethink Mental Illness to run the London Marathon!!! April 2015. All 26.2 Miles of it...

Don't get me wrong this is something I've really really wanted to do, although now I have a place to do it I'm a little bit terrified!!
However; being able to run for a charity that has so much relevancy in my life is a huge privilege in itself, regardless of the achievement it will be to reach that finishing line!!
And so the tough training begins...

Some people use running as a route to better fitness, a certain goal or race, for weight loss or general health benefits. Running has been something I have been able to use as a coping mechanism, a release if you like and a way to just 'run away' from all the thoughts going round in my head and to put my focus into something else.
Having the ability to be able to grab my trainers and my headphones and get caught up in the beautiful outdoor scenery, rain or shine, is something I consider a huge blessing. Whether I'm feeling overwhelmed, angry, stressed or beaming with happiness, running only ever makes me feel better, allows me to release the bad/painful emotions, even if only slightly. My glass returns to being half full after a run, (metaphorically of course!), and I wish I could explain the feeling it gives, everything else seems so insignificant when all my energy and focus is to 'just get to the top of this hill' and being able to enjoy the view once I get there! (Not so much the case in flat-as-a-pancake Felixstowe of course)

Granted it is not always easy to work up the motivation to go for a run however much I love it once out there, on those days where it is a massive achievement just getting out of bed going for a run can seem like the very last thing I want to do! Running plays a huge role in my life at the moment in terms of control, focus, determination and one of my coping mechanisms.
So I'm going to try and blog more often throughout my training for the Marathon, through the highs and the lows of it!

If you'd like to sponsor me please follow this link to my VirginMoneyGiving webpage! :) Thank you in advance for your encouragement, support and donations! :)

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