Saturday, 25 April 2015

Better luck next time...

Tomorrow - thousands of professional athletes, casual runners, spectators and family members will fill the streets of London for one of the biggest events in a runners annual calendar...
That's right, it's the day I was meant to be running the London Marathon.

Due to multiple circumstances I'll be missing out this year :(. [Seeing adverts and stories about it all over the TV is rubbing salt in the wound a little bit!!]

In my last post I shared the good news that I've been able to defer to 2016!! This makes me super determined to not let down Rethink Mental Illness once again and to be super ready for it next year - knee injury or not!!
Because of my knee injury my running took a quick halt... meaning my long distance fitness also plummeted :(
Fear not, pessimism hasn't grasped me yet; i'm back out there! Lacing up my shoes and putting my earphones in to get it back in gear ready for my next half marathon!!

In distraction from missing the marathon this weekend...
 --> Today I got a 5k Personal Best!!! And have registered for Park Run!!
 --> I've been invited to a 90th birthday party tomorrow with a wonderfully lovely family! - Yes 90 years old!!! Incredible!! 4.5 times my age!
 --> I have plenty of revision to be doing!!!
 --> I'm working on a project to get my Dad to enter through the ballot for London Marathon 2016 too!!!

So I won't have a half empty cup!! I'll have a relatively sociable weekend and keep my hopes and spirits high to be fit enough to run 26.2 Miles next year!! I'll kickstart my fundraising again soon!!
(Only 366 Days to go!!! :P ) 


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