Sunday, 23 April 2017

#oneinamillion - one year on

This time last year...I did it!! I completed THE London Marathon, in 4 hours 34 mins, and I still can't quite believe I have done it!

I became one in a million, and to be precise... I was the 987,152nd finisher of the London Marathon since it began!! How awesome is that!! So What now? well I'm still running but I've not done anymore marathons since (boo!) And I'm really jealous of seeing all those doing it this year!!

I really just wanted to thank everyone for their support, encouragement and donations, I couldn't have done it without you, and I definitely wouldn't have done it without this fab team of spectators on the day who followed me round!! (As well as a few other close friends who came to spot me!) And have continued to support me since that day in this past year!

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I wish I could go back one year and relive the whole thing again, that huge sense of achievement, determination and strength that I was capable of doing it. Hopefully I'll do another, or even a half marathon and feel that all over again.

If you've been inspired by those running the marathon today, why not apply in the ballot tomorrow? or sign up for a charity place? Or try a half marathon? Or even a 5k or 10k!! Get Running people!!


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