Wednesday, 29 April 2015

It's The Final Countdown!!!

4 exams. 8 hours. 8 questions. 1 bucket load of stress!!! 

In a matter of weeks my university undergraduate education will be completely finished and I'll be waiting for the dreaded results day!!! 

To think that just last year I was determined I was dropping out, transferring or anything to get away. I ended up back at home in second term of second year after just a week!! 

When I returned and had a meeting with my tutor I remember her saying to my parents as we left 'I hope to see you on graduation day'.  All I could think at that moment was how ridiculous that sounded, that there was no way I would last that long!! The fact it was a whole year away left a lot of doubt in my mind that I would graduate at all. 
But here I am, somehow, I've made it to my final term of university to sit my final exams. I say somehow, but I know I definitely couldn't have done it without my family and my friends sticking by me the whole time. 
I've handed in my dissertation and all going well I'll graduate in July. If that doesn't leave me with a half full cup at least temporarily then I don't know what will!! 

Watch this space for what's next!! 


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